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A journey to remember
The Association

Youth and Social Tourism

An Association of Social Promotion that identifies itself with the Salesian charism

TGS Eurogroup (“Turismo Giovanile Sociale”, meaning “Youth and Social Tourism”) is an Association of Social Promotion led by lay people and promoted by the Salesian Province “San Marco” Italy North-East. The activities organised by the Association, according to their own purposes, identify themselves with the Salesian Youth Movement and its values: the experience finds its ultimate expression when meeting young people, celebrating together, training their human and Christian values.

Any profit deriving from the activities of the Association is given to charity.

What we mean by “journey”

TGS combines youth training activities with a concept of active, social and sustainable tourism taking the shape of an association. All our activities, tailored according to age group, are meant to contribute to the members’ full, social and personal development by means of an “educational journey”, a journey of education or study tour. Therefore, the journey is definitively a chance to explore the territory and the environment surrounding us, but also and above all, an inner journey for personal, human and Christian growth...

A proposal for tourism and culture

Guided by Don Bosco’s educational project, TGS Eurogroup fosters tourism in the form of an association to integrate and strengthen its members’ training and to contribute to the full education of young people.
TGS acknowledges tourism to have fundamental values for personal training and TGS means to declare these very values on the basis of undeniable and qualifying choices: Don Bosco’s preventive system, the youth, the group, volunteer work...

Don Bosco’s Salesian system of education

TGS Eurogroup supports the training and full development of each person, through personal and social growth in the cultural, linguistic and social fields. When animating the participation in the Association life, we enhance the Christian standpoint on life and society and we identify ourselves with Don Bosco’s Salesian system of education.

Founding principles


Our contribution to the full, personal and social development of the youth

TGS Eurogroup is a non-profit association. Its main purposes are as follows:

  • To contribute to the full, personal and social development of its members;
  • To foster cultural, linguistic, social interests and religious values in its members;
  • To support young people’s initiatives for leisure and tourism by encouraging their active participation in the initiatives themselves.

“The Association intends to pursuit purposes of social interest, inspiring its value choices to the Christian conception of life and society, making direct reference to Don Bosco’s educational-pastoral system and to the Salesian style”.

TGS Eurogroup Charter

Holiness consists in always being cheerful

Don Bosco