A proposal for tourism and culture


Guided by Don Bosco’s educational project, TGS Eurogroup fosters tourism in the form of an association to integrate and strengthen its members’ training and to contribute to the full education of young people.
TGS acknowledges tourism to have fundamental values for personal training and TGS means to declare these very values on the basis of undeniable and qualifying choices: Don Bosco’s preventive system, the youth, the group, volunteer work.

TGS Eurogroup identifies itself with a type of tourism encouraging the appeal to the common European cultural roots and the awareness of social, religious and spiritual traditions. A form of tourism encouraging the pleasure of spending time together, the development of common interests and language, helping to overcome loneliness and rejecting cultural massification. A type of tourism that raises youth protagonism and the assumption of responsibilities. A kind of tourism encouraging the exchange of ideas, dialogue, mutual knowledge, unity and solidarity among people, a chance to bring family affections together again.

TGS fosters an active form of tourism by means of an educational journey, understood as:

  • Acquisition and improvement of knowledge;
  • Group experience and personal growth;
  • Non-elitist but essential experience, even in the choice of services;
  • Wish to detect common grounds and differences among populations;
  • Overcoming of barriers and prejudices.