What we mean by “journey”


TGS combines youth training activities with a concept of active, social and sustainable tourism taking the shape of an association. All our activities, tailored according to age group, are meant to contribute to the members’ full, social and personal development by means of an “educational journey”, a journey of education or study tour. Therefore, the journey is definitively a chance to explore the territory and the environment surrounding us, but also and above all, an inner journey for personal, human and Christian growth.

By means of the journey experience, the association promotes the cultural, linguistic, social interests and the religious values of its members, organising activities concerned with social and cultural tourism, enhancing relationships with the local, national and international territory, also encouraging contacts and collaboration with the fields concerned with culture, education and leisure time.

The educational journey thus becomes a chance to promote cultural activities, especially the study of foreign languages and cultures, amateur sports activities, youth work activities in the local territory, also in partnership with other organisations, with special regard to the European Union institutions.

The journey is also a chance to raise awareness and educate about the safeguard of environment and artistic cultural heritage, on both national and international level. It is a means to get away from mass-tourism intents, thus preferring a tourist experience that is essential in the use of services. It is a way to allow young people to discover and experience not only popular and crowded landmarks, but also – and especially – those less known destinations, bringing them to meet and get to know the local residents, from the perspective of relational and sustainable tourism.

The journey is a chance to enhance associative experiences, in order to integrate educational and training actions towards young people, in partnership with families and educational/social organizations in the local territory. The aim is to create opportunities to meet people and to exchange experiences between associations and public or private organisations operating in the field of leisure and cultural, youth and social tourism.

The journey thus becomes a starting point to raise awareness in young people towards a higher form of an active, responsible and conscious citizenship, to urge them to strengthen and defend their rights for a significant involvement in the life of civil society.