Summer Courses of English language

TGS Eurogroup has been organizing study visits abroad for young students aged between 11 and 18 since 1968. An experience tailored for students who do not only mean to improve their English, but wish to dive into the local culture through an intense study programme ranging from guided tours in places of historical and cultural interest, to study visits, sports and recreational activities, and games evenings.

TGS Eurogroup Summer Courses

TGS Centre      age group dates
Sliema, Malta      11-14 years old 03-12.07.2024
Dublin Maynooth, Ireland      14-18 years old 14-29.07.2024

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Journey plan

Summer courses usually last 14-21 days. In this time frame, activities and plans are designed in such a way as to integrate, enrich and mutually stimulate in a perfect set of playing, studying and learning activities. Everything is supported by a strong team spirit and by the participants’ willingness to get involved. In fact, investing in one's future also means testing oneself within a group and within a new and different life context. Attending TGS courses is not simply about learning a foreign language. The purpose is twofold: on the one hand it offers a good opportunity to improve English, on the other it involves students in a Christian experience of group life, according to the Salesian style and charism.

Experiencing group life

Each TGS group consists of about 20-25 young people guided by 3-5 Leaders, one of them being a Salesian priest. The five leaders together animate, stimulate and nurture group life day by day. About 100-120 TGS students aged 11 to 18 leave for England every summer with TGS. They were hosted in different centres in the South of London (Caterham, Coulsdon and Guildford in Surrey, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells in Kent) according to their age.

In particular, Guildford hosts students aged 16-19 years. They are offered an intensive English language course in international classes accredited by the British Council. At the end of their English course at Guildford College, TGS students have the chance to take the Cambridge PET or FCE Certificate rewarding them with credits in the secondary school as well as at university. Furthermore, this TGS centre is also offering a work-related learning programme.

Last but not least, TGS has recently launched summer courses as well as tailored teaching plans for young adults. The Association offers the chance to attend an intensive language course with international classes in the morning as well as optional afternoon lessons for TGS students only, for a total amount of up to 38 teaching hours over a period of two weeks.

Experiencing family life

Being a guest of an English family allows students to experience authentic samples of English culture and language, getting to know a different way of life and different habits. There are many possibilities to experience genuine family life: from having dinner with one’s host family - essential in TGS educational offer - to free slots in the evenings and at weekends.
TGS host families are selected locally by our English associates on the basis of specific criteria. They take part in preliminary meetings to be introduced to the aims of the Association and to the requirements we ask them to respect.
Many families have being collaborating with our Association year after year and many students are still in touch and return to visit their host families.

TGS Leaders

Each TGS group is accompanied by 3-4 leaders and a Salesian priest or a Salesian cooperator. Leaders are friendly, lively and deserving volunteers, usually young university students who grant their time to the Association. They are trained during training meetings prior to the group departure: in this way they know each other before leaving and have the time to plan group activities together.

Learning English while having fun

TGS Summer courses in England are addressed to groups of girls and boys who, in addition to learning and improving their English skills, wish to share every single day of their study stay with their host family, living an unforgettable group experience made of trips, guided tours, competitions, activities in the parks, games evenings and many other adventures to accomplish together. A path of personal growth and education becoming true in a joyful and informal setting.
The teaching experience, especially aimed at enhancing above all - but not exclusively – spoken English and confidence in speaking, is proposed in such a way as to encourage the students’ active participation through role plays and engaging group activities.
Teaching is supplemented by a well-structured programme of extracurricular projects and activities coordinated by teachers and leaders. By way of example: games, bans, quizzes, questionnaires, logbook, guided tours or theatre plays, end-of-month get together entertainment in the form of musical or theatrical performances or other expressive means. Such activities allow more frequent and natural relationship and communication with teachers, host families, local representatives of schools and parishes and, generally speaking, with the whole English world they get in touch with. The aim is to mold the linguistic experience and make it a true experience for human and cultural growth.

An informed decision

Students taking part in TGS activities are supposed to show goodwill, sense of responsibility and behave properly. Therefore, we ask our students to:
1) be eager to learn English;
2) make good use of their freedom, being able to be polite with everybody, first of all with their host families;
3) respect the commitments undertaken with the acceptance of the "Regulations of TGS groups abroad”. The commitments are essential for the evolution of group life and of the English course.
Our language courses are not recommended for students who show poor goodwill and reliability or, worse, who understand our summer courses as an opportunity for a getaway.
Please be informed that students with no knowledge of English are not accepted.
The success of TGS summer courses depends on everyone involved. We mainly ask our students to be eager to learn and willing to work in a team spirit environme.