TGS On Line Newsletter 01/2020

Inizia oggi una serie di post in lingua inglese espressamente dedicati agli amici TGS Eurogroup oltre i confini nazionali. Attraverso la mailing list dedicata “Friends of TGS Eurogroup” raggiungeremo tutti i nostri amici, collaboratori, volontari che operano assieme a TGS Eurogroup in Gran Bretagna, in Belgio e in tutta Europa, con i giovani e per i giovani, attraverso molteplici progetti internazionali che ci vedono protagonisti assieme.
La “TGS On Line Newsletter” che inauguriamo oggi è una versione più agile e informale della “TGS newsletter” in formato PDF che pubblichiamo solitamente due volte all’anno in lingua inglese per gli stessi destinatari. Questa versione digitale ci consente, in particolare in questo periodo in cui siamo costretti a rinunciare ai nostri viaggi studio all’estero, di tenere i contatti con tutti i nostri amici oltre confine e di tenerli aggiornati su quanto sta realizzando TGS Eurogroup in Italia.
Per tutti i nostri amici italiani può essere un ottimo esercizio di “reading comprehension” in lingua inglese… in preparazione al corso di lingua inglese del TGS Summer Camp!
Buona lettura!

Happy Summer everyone from TGS Eurogroup!

Since 1968, Summer at TGS Eurogroup has been associated with study visits and educational journeys abroad for young students. In turn, travelling abroad has given us the privilege to meet many of you, to make friends, to renew our friendship, to look each other in the eyes and shake hands. Very few of these good manners are currently allowed.

Summer 2020 is forcing us to miss these traditions and we’ve decided to put into practice new measures to reach as many of you as possible. Clear enough, making a call, or even a video call (we’re working on that!), would allow us to greet you personally, but we acknowledge that a written message is more adaptable to everybody’s daily schedule.

Having said this… as some of you already know and may have understood from the lines above, at a certain time in a long and challenging Spring we gradually got to know that our Summer plans had to be cancelled. Sad but true. At first, it caused distress and uncertainty. Then we realized that our experience, passion and creativity could be placed elsewhere. We put our strength together. The enthusiasm that has long been a distinctive feature of our work shed new light on our path.

While remaining true to our mission, we succeeded in finding a way to train our volunteers resorting to technology and the Internet. Evidently the whole process of getting in touch and introducing topics soon became a challenge.

In a world that has unavoidably been changing, we have been considering different ways to devote our time to our students; they remain our focus. We developed some interesting projects, like our TGS Summer Camp at TGS headquarters in Mogliano Veneto, now confirmed. Other projects we had to put aside due to the evolution of the outbreak control measures, both locally and nationally.

We took time to check the means at our disposal. We specifically paid attention to our blog “TGS Journal” which seemed to be waiting to give us a hand. We overturned our publication schedule to introduce new topics connected with a concept of active and formative travelling, compliant with the strict guidelines imposed by lockdown and quarantine. The new blog feature “Travelling from home” soon became a treasure hunt in search for places to go virtually. Among them, we selected those destinations that TGS most identifies with. In other terms, writing and reading those pages became a way to introduce a wider range of activities we have been working on through the years. At the same time, an in-depth analysis of the topic gave us the chance to get closer to cultural travelling connected with libraries, museums and more, from a diachronic perspective. It also proved to be an interesting field of research.

Had we the chance to experience a traditional TGS Summer, we would explain for ourselves what TGS and the people supporting us have been doing lately. Unfortunately, it is not likely to happen. However, we would be delighted to keep you company in the Summer sending you a few more e-mails to keep you posted on our work so far. We do not mean to be pushy, and are considering one e-mail a month.

Finally, in line with the new way of travelling we have been experiencing in our blog, we would like you to know that we will be meeting at Stonehenge, UK – one of our students’ traditional day trips. People are used to gather in person overnight at Stonehenge, waiting for the Summer solstice. In light of social distancing regulations, the English Heritage organization is offering people to enjoy a live stream of the solstice instead. Join us at sunset on 20 June and sunrise on 21 June across social media channels. Just visit English Heritage facebook page to know more and join. Let’s hope this sunrise brings a new beginning.

You just can’t wait for our next email as you want to know more about what TGS Eurogroup is doing lately? Just visit our blog TGS Journal and brows our posts. Yes, it’s all in Italian, I hear you say. But we’re sure you will find a way to translate some interesting bits in English (hint: google translate and the likes may help!) and at least get the gist of it. Come back and visit TGS Journal tomorrow and you will find a full article dedicated to Stonehenge!

It was great talking with you today. Should you feel like sharing your impressions, it would be a pleasure for us to read them. Just send us an email to with your comments and pictures and we’ll be happy to publish them on our blog!

Happy Summer everyone from TGS Eurogroup!


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