TGS Summer Camp

in Italy

The TGS Summer Camp is an 8-day experience offering a variety of activities and initiatives, designed in such a way as to integrate, enrich and stimulate each other in a perfect set of games, study sessions and learning opportunities, all supported by a strong team spirit and a personal desire to get engaged. In fact, investing in one’s future also means testing oneself within a group and in a new and different life context. Attending the TGS Summer Camp isn’t just about learning a language. The aim is twofold: on the one hand to offer a good opportunity to improve the knowledge of English, on the other to involve the student in a Christian experience of group life, according to the Salesian style and charism.

The TGS Summer Camp is designed for students aged 11 to 19, divided into different age groups, and is set at TGS Eurogroup headquarters at the Salesian College “Astori” in Mogliano Veneto (province of Treviso). It includes an English language course in the morning, workshops in the afternoon, as well as study visits to Venice and numerous group activities. It is coordinated by our leaders, volunteers of the association: 3 or 4 animators and a Salesian priest. General supervision is ensured by the staff of the TGS Eurogroup office.

The TGS Summer Camp can be a valuable starting point for a training and personal growth experience within the association that can accompany the student to take part in more complex educational projects in the future, such as study trips abroad or training sessions for active volunteering. In fact, the TGS Summer Camp brings back to Italy an organizational structure that is inspired by the well-tested English language courses in Great Britain that the association has been organizing for over 50 years.