TGS Leaders’ Training

guides and animators for youth groups

TGS Eurogroup has been organizing study visits to the UK for the past 50 years. The language courses take place in July and are aimed at groups of secondary and high school students who wish to learn and improve their English skills.

Each group of students is accompanied by a priest and three or four young leaders – university or graduated students – who attend training weekends in the months prior to their departure. During these meetings they are taught how to run the month and are given the chance to deepen the educational features on which the TGS experience is based on. They also focus on TGS proposals, animation techniques and organisational aspects necessary to carry out of summer courses successfully. TGS leaders are young volunteers animated by spirit of service in the Salesian style. In exchange for their free cooperation, TGS covers for their trip and full-board accommodation. Upon request, the volunteering experience may be certified as a training internship to enhance one’s curriculum.

TGS Leaders are young adults – boys and girls – full of enthusiasm, animated by a true spirit of service and volunteering, with a great desire to get involved, a pretty good knowledge of English language, a strong attitude for team work and are eager to live a Christian experience of group life.

We believe it is important to support a responsible training offer to young adults who want to put themselves at service of others as animators and leaders of groups of students.

If you wish to become a TGS Eurogroup Leader and take part in the TGS Leaders’ Training Meetings enter the appropriate section of our website (“Collabora” – Italian section) and send your application! We will be happy to welcome you among our volunteers!

This is the full programme of our TGS Leaders’ Training Course:

Incontri di Formazione Volontari TGS Eurogroup 2022
26.03.20221° Incontro formativo Volontari TGS Eurogroup 2022Collegio Astori, Mogliano (TV)
30.04.20222° Incontro formativo Volontari TGS Eurogroup 2022Collegio Astori, Mogliano (TV)
04.06.20223° Incontro formativo Volontari TGS Eurogroup 2022Collegio Astori, Mogliano (TV)
18.06.2022Presentazione Estate TGS 2022