Don Bosco Youth-Net

the international Salesian network for youth groups

TGS Nazionale (National TGS Association, Italy) is an official member of Don Bosco Youth-Net since 2015. Don Bosco Youth-Net (DBYN) is an international network of working groups and youth organizations promoted by the Salesians and working in the style of Don Bosco. The network brings together 18 Salesian organisations, over 1,000 employees and 9,000 volunteers who take care of over 125,000 children, youths and young people in 16 European Union countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Montenegro, The Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Ukraine.

DBYN promotes several activities, such as:

  • Cultural exchanges: groups of young people from different countries come together to live, play, learn and reflect together.
  • Educational trips: a guided group of young people on a journey to experience and learn from young people living in disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • International volunteering: young people have the chance to choose to spend up to a year in a foreign country for a volunteering service experience.
  • Training courses: leaders and volunteers from different countries take part in training programmes focusing on topics related to youth work.
  • Study visits: young leaders and volunteers from different countries visit other countries to experience and learn about projects abroad addressed to young people and meant to share and exchange information.
  • Seminars: youth leaders and volunteers from different countries come together for workshops, conferences and round tables on topics related to youth work.
  • Publications: DBYN publications are intended to update members and volunteers, to promote the network and support the practice of youth work in general.

DBYN seminars and training courses are aimed at TGS members: if you want to take part, just become a TGS volunteer and you will be offered the chance to access new exciting training activities at international level!

To learn more about Don Bosco Youth-Net, please visit the official web site: