TGS On Line Newsletter 03/2021

Riprendiamo oggi la serie di post in lingua inglese espressamente dedicati agli amici TGS Eurogroup oltre i confini nazionali. Attraverso la mailing list dedicata “Friends of TGS Eurogroup” raggiungiamo tutti i nostri amici, collaboratori, volontari che operano assieme a TGS Eurogroup in Gran Bretagna, in Belgio e in tutta Europa, con i giovani e per i giovani, attraverso molteplici progetti internazionali che ci vedono collaborare assieme.
La “TGS On Line Newsletter” è una versione più agile e informale della “TGS newsletter” in formato PDF che pubblichiamo solitamente due volte all’anno in lingua inglese per gli stessi destinatari. Questa versione digitale ci consente, in particolare in questo periodo in cui siamo costretti a rinviare i nostri viaggi studio all’estero, di tenere i contatti con tutti i nostri amici oltre confine e di tenerli aggiornati su quanto sta realizzando TGS Eurogroup in Italia.
Per tutti i nostri amici italiani può essere un ottimo esercizio di “reading comprehension” in lingua inglese… in preparazione dei prossimi corsi di lingua inglese TGS Eurogroup!
PS ti sei perso le puntate precedenti? Puoi ritrovarle on line sul blog TGS Journal alla voce “TGS On Line Newsletter”.
Buona lettura!

TGS Summer 2021: there is more!

Dear Friends, we hope you and your families had the chance to spend a relaxing time since we last got in touch with you. At TGS Eurogroup we have been rather busy dealing with our Summer!

As you know, the Summer is that time of the year, when the Association Is literally on the stage performing the long-studied plots we develop through the cold season. Actors and actresses are there with the best of their intentions. Although the main story is well known to us all, every single play we perform needs much commitment.  Lines are felt in the heart before spoken, words are carefully chosen as we want our audience to enjoy every single act of our play – which is not fiction, for sure. Actors are on the stage. Several volunteers are in the backstage offering their time and support to the Association.  Some are there as teleprompters in case of unexpected events, others take note to improve the play.
All of a sudden, as it happened on certain days at the Globe Theatre, an unexpected storm arrives, and everybody gets wet… oh no… The Association decided not to stop the play, stood up and responded to the pandemic emergency with new ways for catching up with its people, always with an eye on safety measures and restrictions in place.

We successfully offered local Summer language courses (haven’t you read about our TGS Summer Camp? You can still read a full update on our previous Newsletter On Line – please check this link: TGS On Line Newsletter 02/2021″). But there is more!

With travelling very limited, you wish to get in touch and to keep in touch with your friends. At TGS Eurogroup, technologies and internet connection offered precious support for our TGS Summer Camp on line, a series of on line meeting with people that are friends to the Association. These appointments have been scheduled for the second year in a row. They proved to be good occasions for meeting, and offered the chance to practice English.

Covid and its subsequent restrictions impacted on the solidarity walk “Su e Zo per i Ponti di Venezia” as well. TGS figured something out for this, too! Two plans: the Su e Zo per il Veneto – in its second edition in 2021 – and the so-called Su e Zo Detour guided walks.

Su e Zo per il Veneto, a series of one-day trips all around our Veneto region, had already been experienced in 2020, although in a more basic offer. This year, thanks to the cooperation of several TGS volunteers, we were able to schedule some trips to the main cities or towns in our region and guided participants to the discovering of the place. In some cases, we got in touch with local representatives of museum or places of interests and also planned a guided tour by these very people.

Su e Zo Detour is a brand-new project promoted by TGS Eurogroup, in collaboration with the Cooperativa Guide Turistiche Autorizzate di Venezia (Cooperative for Authorized Tourist Guides of Venice). Not a single walk for solidarity as the Su e Zo per I Ponti really is, rather many different paths to discover the city and its history. Sustainable tourism, we could say, together with the wish to respect the city, discovering its art and history, its true soul. In a word, its essence.  For more than 40 years, the paths of the solidarity walk Su e Zo per i Ponti in Venice have been showing participants less attended corners of the lagoon city, without however neglecting the places that make it famous in the world. The precious and cultural contribution of the Su e Zo routes is even stronger this year that marks the 1600th anniversary from the foundation of Venice (421-2021). By these walks the most genuine and original Venice is made available even on the occasion of its 1600th anniversary. Guided tours started in April and will continue until November on a monthly basis.
During one of the first Detours, the Town of Venice Councilor for the Promotion of the Territory, Ms. Paola Mar, welcomed TGS volunteers and participants. She said: “Su e Zo per i Ponti is an important event which I have always followed. And the municipal administration will continue to support (…). The Detour walks have been included in the initiatives for the 1600th anniversary celebrations of Venice. Detour walks offer a different approach to the city as visitors enjoy places and monuments from different facets”.  A total of 12 different Detours are planned: one or two guided tours for each of the 6 districts into which the City of Venice is divided, as well as two special itineraries dedicated to the bridges of Venice, a real tribute to the Su e Zo per i Ponti.
As with the main walk, once the costs are covered, proceedings support solidarity programmes connected with the Su e Zo per i Ponti. Specifically, solidarity in support of the local territory (Don Dino Berti School Award) and of Salesian Missions in the world (for the two-year period 2020-2021, the support is directed to the Salesian community Monte Salvado of Quebrada Honda in Peru).

We hope you enjoyed our fresh Summer news. We’ll get back soon for more TGS news in a little while.
In the meantime, do you have any suggestions for TGS and its future activities? We’d love to hear from you! Just get in touch and drop us an email to Bye for now!

Alessandra & TGS Journal staff

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