TGS On Line Newsletter 01/2021

Inizia oggi una serie di post in lingua inglese espressamente dedicati agli amici TGS Eurogroup oltre i confini nazionali. Attraverso la mailing list dedicata “Friends of TGS Eurogroup” raggiungeremo tutti i nostri amici, collaboratori, volontari che operano assieme a TGS Eurogroup in Gran Bretagna, in Belgio e in tutta Europa, con i giovani e per i giovani, attraverso molteplici progetti internazionali che ci vedono protagonisti assieme.
La “TGS On Line Newsletter” che inauguriamo oggi è una versione più agile e informale della “TGS newsletter” in formato PDF che pubblichiamo solitamente due volte all’anno in lingua inglese per gli stessi destinatari. Questa versione digitale ci consente, in particolare in questo periodo in cui siamo costretti a rinunciare ai nostri viaggi studio all’estero, di tenere i contatti con tutti i nostri amici oltre confine e di tenerli aggiornati su quanto sta realizzando TGS Eurogroup in Italia.
Per tutti i nostri amici italiani può essere un ottimo esercizio di “reading comprehension” in lingua inglese… in preparazione al corso di lingua inglese del TGS Summer Camp!
Buona lettura!

Happy Summer everyone from TGS Eurogroup!

Dear TGS Friends, it’s time for us to send a warm “Happy Summer” wish to you all. Rather warm, believe us, as the temperature here has been increasing in the last few weeks!

Just under the burning sun, on Saturday 26th June, TGS Eurogroup members met at the headquarter in Mogliano Veneto. Slowly back to normal, we had the pleasure to meet everyone in person for a vibrant day. A gripping morning dealing with our training session followed by a formal meeting in the afternoon for the TGS Eurogroup Members’ meeting. We had a special aim to pursue which was the appointment of TGS Eurogroup Committee for the two years to come. When one door closes, another opens. We would like to thank all members that have been supporting the Committee so far and unfortunately have to leave. We understand their life is asking them to make a choice and for some of them new challenges are now absorbing their energy. We know for sure that they will continue to keep an eye on TGS and we want them to know that they are welcome to visit us anytime they feel like joining.

Please do follow us, and let’s meet the new TGS Eurogroup Committee members together:

Katya De Marchi

No doubts you know her name! Long cooperation with the Association, leader, teacher in our new born Summer Camp project and – not least! – in charge of the Secretary Office in Mogliano Veneto for many years. Katya is full of enthusiasm for her appointment and ready to support TGS in the fields of her expertise.

Chiara Genovese

Former student, leader, already member of the Committee, Chiara’s candidacy brings her a new challenge. The meeting designated her as the new President of TGS Eurogroup – congratulation Chiara on your appointment! We know for sure that your sparkling energy will guide you in every path we will walk together in favour of the Association.

Ilaria Lizzini

Welcome back, Ilaria and good luck with your second mandate! Ilaria has been a member of the Committee since 2019 after volunteering as a leader in the U.K.. She will keep performing her role as Secretary of the Board.

Bruna Rainaldi

Already a member of the outgoing Committee, Bruna is offering her experience to the Association once more. She has been competently dealing with TGS issues for a very long time not only as an affectionate friend to the Association, but also in her role as the President of TGS since 2013. Strongly determined to pass this chance to other members as an opportunity for them to grow, and at the same time to put fresh air into the life of the Association, Bruna passed the baton although she will still cooperate as Vice President.

Federica Scopel

Federica renews her affection for TGS and is ready to find new ideas and launch new projects in favour of the Associations and its supporters. With her second appointment in a row, Federica is now taking a new role within the Committee and offers her cooperation as Bursar.

Elena Valalta

Not a break for Elena too whose candidacy was confirmed for the second time. She is more than willing to pass her experience to the new appointed Board and ready to develop the new guidelines the Committee is about to draw. She got to know the Association as a student, proudly came back as a leader and keenly opted for a strong and lasting cooperation within the representatives.

Last but not least… our Salesian Delegate, Don Paolo De Cillia. It is a pleasure to have him back with us and we know for sure that his presence within the Committee is essential.

The new Board is already to deal with a jam-packed to-do list. In addition to the TGS Summer Camp, which took place recently in Mogliano Veneto and Venice, they have also inherited several other projects already planned by the former Committee and to take place during the Summer. It looks as they won’t have time for holiday and teamworking with the whole group of leaders will be much appreciated.

Any special wish you would like to send to the newborn Committee? We would be delighted if you e-mailed us at – As you know, we are always happy to hear from you.

Fresher news will be soon on their way: stay tuned!

In the meanwhile, have a very Happy Summer each you, dear Friends!

Alessandra & TGS Journal staff

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